Castellano / Galego
Javier Albertos
Photographer / Fotógrafo

Javier Albertos Benayas

Vigo/Spain, b. 1975. His photographs have been published by international magazines and newspapers like the Sunday Times (UK) and The Billionaire (Mexico and USA). His work has also been seen in national media like El Mundo, El Pais, Revista DT, Cuadernos de Jazz. National and international companies have used his photographs in their advertising.

In the photographic documentary project,, he displays more than 15,000 images of the city where he lives.  The photographs include cultural events, architecture, fashion, sports, concerts, and nature.  It has become the largest photographic representation of a city on the Internet, with more than 2 million visits a year. In 2006 he received a prize for his photographic work covering the international Volvo Ocean Race 2005-2006.

Individual and collective Exhibitions

October 2007: "The Future of Art in Comparison with Modernity" The Lloyd Gill Gallery (Weston-super-Mare/ England) (collective)

August 2007: "Art in mind" The Brick Lane Gallery (London) (collective)

June 2007: "THE DREAM... the subconscious" Primo Piano LivinGallery in Lecce (Italy) (collective)

February 2007: "Portrait: New Trends" Primo Piano LivinGallery in Lecce (Italy) (collective)

November 2006: "Submerged Identities" Termes Gallery in Vigo (Spain) (individual)

August 2006: "Elogio de la luz atlantica" he participated in the project display of Estrella de Galicia (individual)

June 2006: "Jazz. En Vigo y en directo" exhibition from the first Jazz festival held in Vigo (individual)

April 2006: "55"in Niteroi, (Brazil). (collective)

October 2005: "80 fotografías alrededor de Verne". Verbum Museum of Vigo (Spain). (collective)

“Submerged Identities” Exhibition

In 16 large format photographs he reflects on the identity of the contemporary individual, held down by the pressures of society.  Javier Albertos explores the human identity; the interior being that is hidden beneath the surface using empty feminine shapes from the fashion world:  Store window mannequins. He explores the human side of these inanimate objects to communicate with an audience looking for reflection.

This project shows the maturation of the artist and an evolution towards a “new photography” of a large plastic esthetic that blurs the line that separates the painting from the photograph.

Media Reviews:

“He has been able to give life to inanimate objects.” (La Voz de Galicia – 21/11/2006 )

“With a long professional background Javier Albertos shows us on this occasion, the fruit of his experiences that bring him to a new, more plastic photography where painting and photography go hand in hand… The spectator will see first hand how a photograph becomes a real work of art.” (TeleVigo – 24/11/2006)