Castellano / Galego
Javier Albertos
Photographer / Fotógrafo


21th Oct 2007:
The photography 'Dyan Bumver' by Javier Albertos was presented as prize in the 'IV Documentary and video Contest SecuenciaCero' celebrated in the Verbum Museum of Vigo (Spain)

1th Oct 2007:
Javier Albertos exhibition: 'The future of art in comparison to Modernity' (The Lloyd Gill Gallery. Weston-Super-Mare UK). Oct 5th - Nov 2nd

29th Sept 2007:
The Verbum Museum offers, a limited edition of photographs by Javier Albertos

3th Ago. 2007:
Javier Albertos exhibition: 'Art in mind' (The Brick Lane Gallery. London. UK). August 2007